Teaching Your Daughter Puberty

Before she even hits puberty, your daughter may slowly start to show interest in her body. It’s important to encourage a conversation with her to find out what she knows and has heard to gauge on what to tell her. To help your daughter feel confident in talking about her body, here are some of […]

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  • Myths To Avoid Telling Your Child

    Myths To Avoid Telling Your Child

    Myth #1: The justice system will traumatize my child more than the actual abuse. Predators need to be caught and put behind bars and that’s why it’s important to protect young victims of abuse. There are special programs across the country for kids to come together in a safe environment where they can be interviewed. […]

  • Babies and Mirrors

    Babies and Mirrors

    From the moment they emerge from the womb there is one thing that babies just seem to be fascinated by and that pretty much never changes. It isn’t a toy or even a color or shape. The one thing all babies gravitate towards as their eyes begin to focus is the human face. We are […]

  • Holding Your Child Back

    Holding Your Child Back

    If you’re wondering whether or not your child is mentally and physically ready for school, you may be amongst the many parents that feel this same way. A new study was published in the journal of National Bureau of Economic Research that believe it may be best to hold kids back. The study concluded with […]

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  • workout clothes

    5 Things You Shouldn’t Do Before The Gym

    Yes, you can make an awesome playlist for your MP3 player, and get dressed in the best outfit you have for the gym. Here are 5 things you shouldn’t do before the gym: Drink a gallon of water. If it’s an hour before you’re heading into the gym, don’t start drinking your eight ounces that […]

  • summer swimming

    Summer Swimming is Fun for the Whole Family

    Summer Swimming is Fun for the Whole Family Whether your kid is part mermaid and always in the water or a shy swimmer who stays in the shallow end, summer swimming, especially as a family is upon us. Now that the summer season is here, it is the perfect time to sign you kids up […]

  • enjoy summer

    The Wonderful Ways To Enjoy Summer Outside

    The Wonderful Ways To Enjoy Summer Outside The thought of warm weather gets most of us excited for summer outside, especially those who live in climates where there are four distinct seasons. Particularly speaking, the people of the Midwest endure cold weather most of the year, so the thought of summer has many people happy […]

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  • Great Organizational Tools for Families

    Great Organizational Tools for Families

    The other day I was wandering through a local game shop, looking for a fun boardgame for our family to enjoy in the coming winter months. It was one of those rare stores that carries a wide variety of great card and board games for every age group, as well as educational toys for kids. […]

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    Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Farmers Markets

    For as long as there have been farmers who need to sell what they grow, there have been Farmers Markets. Go to any town or city in America and if you check their history you will find that they all had Farmers Markets in the 17 and 1800s. But today’s Farmers Markets are relatively new […]

  • eatinseason

    Eat in Season – Smart and Thrifty Too

    Ah- summer where the living is easy and the eating delicious! I always look forward to the summer because my local farmers market is just so filled with goodies. Even if you don’t have a farmers market in your area for local fruits and veggies, I am sure your local grocery has a wide array […]

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  • How to survive the summer as a work-at-home mom

    How to survive the summer as a work-at-home mom

    Kahil Gibran once suggested that joy and sorrow are inseparable. They arrive together, he wrote. “When one sits alone with you … remember that the other is asleep upon your bed.” I get it, man. You’re describing what summertime is to me. Growing up, summer was the best thing in the world, and I love […]

  • Survival Guide: Entertaining A Toddler On A Plane

    Survival Guide: Entertaining A Toddler On A Plane

    Traveling with kids in general can be intimidating, especially when you’re flying with your rambunctious toddler. Kids get bored easily, and now you’re asking them to sit still in a confined space…for hours. Rest assured, we have some great tips on how to survive your trip and keep your little one entertained for a more peaceful […]

  • Lego Math Game For Preschool

    Lego Math Game For Preschool

    Do you know what subitizing is? A lot of people do not and even though we all do it.  When I was studying how to elementary teach math I never learned this it wasn’t something that was focused on but it is now. The easiest way to describe what subitizing is , is to think […]

  • 11 Ways Fathers Can Begin to Bond Early with their Baby

    11 Ways Fathers Can Begin to Bond Early with their Baby

    In the early days and weeks after birth, mothers spend a lot of time with their newborns, getting breastfeeding well established and recovering from childbirth with their babies by their side.  And this is as it should be.  Fathers often can feel left out or excluded because of frequent nursing sessions and the comfort that […]

  • LEGO Challenge for Beginners - Motor Skill Development

    LEGO Challenge for Beginners – Motor Skill Development

    My 4 year old has just started playing with LEGO. As much as I loathe the whole pink LEGO and pink everything that is marketed to girls when she asked for this set there was no way I was saying no. I love LEGO  and all the learning opportunities inside each box, especially the fine […]

  • 10 Energy Foods To Eat Now

    10 Energy Foods To Eat Now

    Whether you’re a mom chasing around small children all day long or a busy career woman heading from meeting to meeting, chances are you find yourself exhausted at several points throughout the day. So many of us grab for a pot of coffee when we feel like we need a quick pick-me-up, but too much java can make you […]

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  • Sydney Harbour Hotel

    If you’re looking to step your Netflix and chill game up, you can stay in a floating hotel on one of the world’s most beautiful waterways – Sydney Harbour in Australia. It’s called the Spontaneity Suite

  • 10 Reasons Virgin Hotel Is the Future

    Here’s 10 reasons Virgin Hotel is the future of hotels. 1. Check In Like A Boss Download the smartphone app and use it  to check into your room, unlock your door

  • 11 Crazy Hotels to See Before You Die

    Snow igloo, log cabin or a glass igloo…those are your options during your stay. Needless to say Hotel Kakslauttanen is something you must experience.

  • 9 Hotels To Visit

    If you’re going to travel, why not travel in style. Here’s 9 hotels you must visit in style.  All photos courtesy of National

  • 5 Hotels That Will Make You Scream

    With Halloween lurking right around the corner, we decided to put together a list of 5 hotels that are known to be haunted. Happy haunting!

  • Getting for cheap

    Japan boasts one of the most modern and efficient public rail systems in the world. A network that consists of multiple high-speed trains that link all cities and major towns throughout the country, the JR Pass provides tourists with unlimited access to ride these rapid rails. Referred to as ‘shinkansenin’ trains in Japan, 

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