10 Ways to Washi: Holiday Edition

Washi tape is still a trendy favorite in the crafting world. There are so many creative ways to use this Japanese based tape that washi tape has essentially become a household name. The beautiful and countless designs, the strong-hold and reusability, and the natural materials that make up washi tape have made this crafting essential perfect for all aspects of your life.

With the holidays right around the corner, picking up a few rolls of washi tape will give you a chance to try your hand at some easy, cheap, decorating and crafting. Give your holidays a unique and fun touch this year, from slapping some washi tape on your gift wrap to the kid’s walls! We’re sharing with you 10 ways to washi this holiday season.

If you’ve opted out of the photo holiday card this year, and are sending old fashioned greetings to your family and friends, why not bypass the big box stores and make your own holiday cards? Washi tape makes it easy! There are countless ways to decorate Christmas cards with washi tape, such as creating a design like a tree, gift, or a star. Washi tape makes it easy to let your kids help in the decorating too. And if they “mess” up, the great thing about using washi tape is you can easily remove the piece of tape and place it elsewhere, with no damage done and no leftover sticky mess.

There’s nothing sweeter than decorating the tree with homemade ornaments! The options for creating ornaments with washi tape are unlimited. Take a plain cookie cutter and outline the edge with a long piece of tape. Jazz up some plain ornament balls with strips of festive washi tape or strips cut into triangular bunting. Completely cover wooden or acrylic shapes with washi tape for a bright and unique ornament. These are great crafts to make on your kids’ playdates this holiday season. Bring the materials for everyone and let the kids get creative in a non-messy way!

Decorate your Christmas mantle a bit differently this year by ditching the messy garland and going the simpler route with these washi tape letters. Choose any word you want, grab a bunch of rolls of tape, and whip up this craft in one naptime. Simply wrap strips of washi tape around large cardboard letters that you can find at your neighborhood craft store. Again, if you mess up and get a crooked line, just take off the piece of tape and reapply it straight. Washi tape is very forgiving!

“It’s what’s inside that counts” is a good mantra to live by, except when you’re wrapping gifts! You want the first impression of your gift to be a good one. This year why not keep it simple, but still chic and stylish. Buy plain brown kraft paper or another neutral wrapping paper, and use your holiday washi tape to decorate. Ever get frustrated with tying bows and wrangling ribbon? Use washi tape instead to give the illusion of a big bow, but without the hassle. Be creative and slap strips of washi tape on anything from big boxes to tiny bags.   

Not only do you have to make your gift wrapping look beautiful, your gift tags should be just as nice. Skip the store bought, generic looking tags, and make your own with a little creativity and a little washi tape. Buy plain shipping tags and go to town with washi tape, stickers, and other embellishments. If you have a large craft punch, put it to use this season. Layer strips of washi tape in between your writing on a piece of sturdy cardstock, and then simply punch out the gift tag. Find some pretty string or ribbon, punch out a hole on top, and slip your handmade gift tag onto your washi wrapped gift.

Do you need a quick, meaningful gift idea? Everyone loves photos, especially Grandmas and Grandpas. We’re sure there’s an old frame lying around your house that could use some reviving (or re-gifting). Turn that frame into a washi tape masterpiece by covering the frame with your favorite washi tape designs. For extra reinforcement, spread a thin layer of mod podge over the finished product. Print out your favorite photo and you have an extra special Christmas gift all ready to go.

Give your boring white tea lights a facelift this season. Wrap a strip of brightly colored washi tape around the edge of the tea light and you have an instant updated candle. If you have clear, glass votive holders laying around that are begging for some color too, wrap washi tape around those as well. These can also become a great, cheap holiday gift by making a few, placing them in a clear cellophane baggie with a nice gift tag and gifting them to people such as your mailman, coffee barista, or your kids’ teachers.

Every year you’re faced with the dilemma of how to display the barrage of holiday cards that comes through your door. This year, consider the easy route by simply taping them to the wall. Use your holiday washi tape instead of plain masking or scotch tape. You get a pop of color as well as the assurance that when you remove the tape after you’re done admiring your cards, you won’t take patches of paint and drywall with you! 

Hopefully you’re lucky enough to have the room to display a real Christmas tree in your home. But if not, or if you’re looking for a mess and stress free alternative this year, just pull out the washi tape. Create a “tree” in any design you like, right on the wall. It can be big or small, plain or decorated, customized just for you. This is also a great idea for letting kids decorate their room for the holiday. Let them make their own tree and have full creative control over the process. And the best part is when Christmas is over, there’s no hauling the tree out to the curb and sweeping up pine needles until July.

If your front door needs a holiday pick-me-up, don’t spend an outrageous amount of money on a fancy wreath. Keep it simple with some washi tape, a big bow, and a bit of creativity. Simply wrap the washi tape around a plain styrofoam wreath and tie a bow at the top. If you’re feeling ambitious, feel free to add your own touch, by including a banner, ribbon, or any other embellishments.  

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