All about Hemp: Benefits and a Recipe

Looking to add more to your family’s diet in a quick and easy way? Don’t have time to cook a breakfast every morning, yet still wish to indulge in a balanced wholesome meal? Hemp protein may be your solution! Adding a simple and organic hemp protein to your routine can save you time and add many benefits a typical breakfast would not have. Arm yourself with knowledge about this super-food and learn how incorporate it into your family with a tasty recipe.

Hemp protein is derived from the Hemp seed or as most may know, the Cannabis plant. No it’s not the Cannabis plant that probably came to mind, it is variant of the Cannabis plant that provides high quality, fiber-rich protein. The applications and uses of Hemp are not limited to food products. Hemp is also used in non-food items such as making fabrics and ropes.

Now that we know some (yes, there are more even more benefits!) of the truly amazing benefits of Hemp, let’s find a way to indulge in this wonderful super-food. This smooth and hearty Hemp Protein Smoothie is the perfect way to start your morning!

Ready to incorporate hemp into your diet? Whether it’s Hemp Protein Powder, Hemp Oil, or Hemp Seeds, your body will surely soak up all the nutrients from this super-food.


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