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Teaching Your Daughter Puberty

Teaching Your Daughter Puberty

Before she even hits puberty, your daughter may slowly start to show interest in her body. It’s important to encourage a conversation with her to find out what she knows and has heard to gauge on what to tell her. To help your daughter feel confident in talking about her body, here are some of […]

Myths To Avoid Telling Your Child

Myths To Avoid Telling Your Child

Myth #1: The justice system will traumatize my child more than the actual abuse. Predators need to be caught and put behind bars and that’s why it’s important to protect young victims of abuse. There are special programs across the country for kids to come together in a safe environment where they can be interviewed. […]

7 Best Restaurants For Pregnant Women

7 Best Restaurants For Pregnant Women

1. Panera Bread This upscale fast-food chain has so many choices that it’s sure to delight any pregnant women’s cravings. The cafe is a perfect place to grab some good, quality food when you’re in a hurry running errands or test-driving strollers. Best comfort food choice: Tomato-mozzarella panini and black bean soup.  Most satisfying salad: […]

Salmon dill burger

Creative Healthy Burger Recipes

When it comes to making a delicious burger for the whole family, it comes down to making something that appeals to everyone in the family. Mixing up your next family barbeque with healthier options other than plain standard beef patties, may be just what you need. Here are some healthy burger recipes for your next […]

common baby making mistakes

4 Baby Making Mistakes Corrected

Many couples plan most of the things in their life. They plan to get married, they plan their perfect honeymoon, and then they plan for a baby. What many don’t plan for is not being able to conceive after trying for over a year. You would think conceiving would be super easy, but in fact […]

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Avoid Sunscreens With Harmful Ingredients

It’s that time of year where we start enjoying the weather, and wanting to stay busy and active outside. Every year, millions of Americans are diagnosed with skin cancer every single year. Even though people are applying sunscreen ritually, the rates of skin cancer are still climbing each year. Among the four different studies conducted […]

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Go To Bed With A Smile

Many Americans have a hard time falling asleep, most of them struggling with insomnia. In fact, 35 percent of Americans struggle with insomnia. When a person struggles with their sleep, this can affect their critical thinking skills and their mood can be agitated. That’s why it’s good to do whatever you can do to get […]

animal byproducts

5 Things You Own That Contain Animal Byproducts

It sounds smart, but some of the most surprising items we eat or use every day, contain the byproducts of animals. Almost all of these items will surprise any person who is living an animal-free life. Some items that contain animal byproducts are ones that you would never even think of, and probably still have […]