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kindergarten form

Kindergarten Form: Vaginal or Cesarean?

Cara Paiuk, a Connecticut mother was outraged when she came across a question on her son’s Kindergarten application. The forms, which were being filled out by her husband, asked if she had given birth vaginally or through a cesarean. Paiuk told Yahoo Parenting, that she ripped the form out of her husband’s hands when she […]

child coloring

When Will My Child Be Ready

Its almost inevitable to hear the question “When will my child be able to..?” This is the same thing as asking “ When will my child grow an inch taller?” Due to each and every child being different, they also have an inner timetable, invisible to the naked eye. Doctors or friends can make educated […]


All About The Measles

What Is The Measles? The measles is a contagious and could be life-threatening, also known as the paramyxovirus. A child who contracts this virus, will get it from being sneezed or coughed on by tiny droplets containing the virus that sprays into the air. These droplets are known to stay active for two hours. If […]


Studies Confirm That Regional Anesthesia Is Best For Infants

In the past, experts believed general anesthesia was the best and safest form of anesthesia for infants. New findings have shown that general anesthesia,when given to a baby during the first year of life, could increase their risk for developing learning issues. One study found the development of ADHD was linked to infants when they […]

creating a healthy attachment

Creating A Healthy Attachment With Your Child

As a society, we raise our children with the expectation of becoming self-reliant, in hopes they will make close, loving and intimate relationships with those around them. Instead, these are the same children who are taught very early in life, not to disclose their feelings. Children are also being taught to suppress how they feel […]

bathing newborn

Bathing Your Newborn

Creating a bathing routine for your new baby is very important, especially in the first week of life. If a baby is changed frequently, they won’t need bathed daily. That doesn’t mean you can’t incorporate sponge bathing into their nightly routine. Bathing in a tub with certain soaps could dry out your baby’s delicate skin, […]

breastfeeding mother

Mother’s Personality & How It Affects Breastfeeding

The fact that some women can breastfeed and others can’t, is a topic on the tongues of most new mothers. The proclivity to breastfeed and wanting to continue to breastfeed is found to have a lot to do with a mother’s personality. Before delivering, a new mother may need to acquire additional help to confidently […]

mmr vaccine

All About The MMR Vaccine

The MMR vaccine protects a child against three viruses which include: measles, mumps, and rubella (German Measles). The first virus the MMR protects against is called the measles. The measles is a highly contagious illness that has once affected almost every child, but has been reduced because of the vaccine. Before the measles vaccine was […]

toddler speech milestones

Your Toddler’s Speech Milestones

It’s always a thrill to hear your toddler talk away, and watch their vocabulary blossom as they grow older. The way a child enunciates and combines new words, is a joy to watch and see. As time passes, you’ll start to see your child put sentences together, learning different sounds from those around them. During […]

sensitive child

Is Your Child Considered Sensitive?

Does your child enjoy quiet time alone, or do they love big, noisy groups? Does your child tend to read your mind, and ask tons of questions? Is your child incredibly perceptive regarding all minor details in life? If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, you may be raising a highly sensitive child, […]