DIY: Haunting Halloween Ghosts

Halloween is just around the corner.  You have seen the decorations for weeks (sometimes months in some stores)!  Purchasing several things to decorate can add up.  It helps when you find a do it yourself idea that doesn’t cost a lot and still looks great!  We are here to share a great tutorial on how to make haunting Halloween ghosts.

Use a black permanent marker in order to draw an outline for the ghosts eyes onto the Styrofoam ball.  

Then, use your black craft paint and paint two eyes on the Styrofoam balls.

Next you will take the cheese cloth and place them over the Styrofoam balls.  There will be two pieces on each ball.  Once the cheese cloth is where you want it, you will take scissors and cut strips in the cheese cloth.  

Pull and stretch the strips of cheese cloth so it gives it a ragged look at the ends.  It will definitely make it more SPOOKY!

Once you are finished with this step, you should have something that looks like the ghost above!  The pulled cheesecloth shouldn’t be all one length, you can have some that hangs lower to create a tattered look.

Take each Styrofoam ball and insert the eye screw into the top after adding some glue so it will hold in place.   

Thread a long piece of fishing line through the eye screw so that you have something to hang the ghosts.  You can make this as long or short as you would like.  Our recommendation is to keep it high enough so that it is away from little hands!

Hang the ghosts on a tree near your house, attach them in front of your doorstep, or even hang them inside your home for some Halloween decor!  If hung outside, the Halloween trick-or-treaters can also enjoy the fun!

We hope that you have enjoyed the tutorial on how to make our Haunting Ghosts to display for Halloween!  You can hang them many places so that you can make your house a bit spookier!  If you don’t like our “friendly” ghost eyes, there are many other formats to use to make them a bit more scary.  Happy Halloween!

Photo credits: Jessica N.

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