Greenpoint Fish & Lobster Co.

I’ve called Greenpoint, Brooklyn home for the better part of a decade. This is the neighborhood that welcomed me into Brooklyn 11 years ago and continues to be the only place I feel truly at home in this big, bustling city. For all the wonderful parts of Greenpoint (trees, parks, amazing Polish food and great people), there are some less desirable aspects like major pollution, overpriced rents and a lack of fresh seafood. Seafood? I know, it’s not the biggest issue in the world, but when you’re married to a cookbook writer who loves healthy (and sustainable) food, you notice these things. So when Julia and I found out we were getting new neighbors – and that they were a sustainable seafood shop – we were thrilled. We were fortunate to connect with the shop’s owners, Vinny Milburn and Adam Geringer-Dunn, before the shop opened and we’ve been beyond excited to see the design elements come together to create a beautiful new store.

This week, after months of hard work, Vinny and Adam opened Greenpoint Fish & Lobster Co. on Nassau Avenue. The shop is a clean, bright and beautiful space that uses nautical and seafood-themed decor cleverly, alongside details like vintage barstools and tin oyster trays and maps of the shop’s fishing spots as wallpaper. We’re so happy to have a new place to shop for (or stay and eat) dinner in the neighborhood and are delighted that Vinny and Adam took the look of the shop into consideration, too. We would have been happy to just have the option to buy sustainable seafood locally, but to have it available in such a stunning space is a real bonus. Thanks so much to Vinny and Adam for welcoming us into their space and telling us all about the design elements. And, from all of our North Brooklyn-based team – welcome to the neighborhood!

All photos by Maxwell Tielman

[Images above: a hand-painted logo on the store's back wall, the main bar with a gorgeous marble top and table inset with shells painted gold]

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I like that the store decided to cover the ceiling sections with wood. It adds to the nautical feel, but also adds warmth to the space.

I love the use of nautical cleats as purse holders under the bar.

Vintage oyster trays hold the bar menu, on which guests can check off orders and hand them back to the chef behind the counter.

Brass light covers bring a bit of industrial detailing to the clean white tiles against the kitchen wall.

A “G” logo made from tile at the front door was designed to look like a fish hook.

Vinny, one of the owners, as a child on his family’s fishing boat.

Maps of the waters where Greenpoint Fish & Lobster Co. finds its fish.

wow! having been priced out of Prospect Heights & my little storefront studio offering art & ‘donation only’ yoga over 8 years ago… i am happy to see that the nearby neighborhood is not adding another luxury loft. This looks authentic. Fun bathroom – you can always rate a place by the behind the scenes cleanliness + attention to detail.

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