How To Find The Best Surrogate Mother

How To Find The Best Surrogate Mother

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Learning that you can’t naturally conceive your own biological child can be desolating. Fortunately, surrogacy can give many different options where couples thought there would be none. The traditional form of surrogacy is where the father willingly donates his sperm to fertilize the surrogate egg resulting in the surrogate carrying the baby to term. The more popular form of surrogacy is referred to as gestational surrogacy. This is  where the father donates his sperm and the mother donates her egg and the fertilized embryo gets transferred into the surrogate, both resulting in the the surrogate releasing the newborn to the parents. No matter what type of arrangement a couple chooses, it comes down to finding the right surrogate mother, which is key to making this all a success.


An Independent Search

Because surrogacy is considered a legal arrangement, working with a stranger is less complicated. Conduct an independent search. When screening, you’re responsible for all medical care for the surrogate and guidelines to what legal rights they’ll have. It’s important that you work closely with your lawyer through this process.


Friends & Family

The ASRM states that it’s ethically acceptable to ask your friends, but not immediate family to serve as a surrogate. This meaning it’s unacceptable to ask your brother to be a surrogate, since the combination of her egg and his donated sperm could lead to birth defects. As long as friends or potential surrogates have clear understanding, it’s acceptable.


An Agency

Many parents feel that finding a reputable surrogacy agency is the best and easiest way to go. By researching the providers in your area, you’ll be able to find the right agency that works best for you based on their mission and values. An agency will oversee the entire process, which means you won’t need to arrange any sort of medical care or provide any legal documents.


Choosing A Surrogate Mother

If you choose to work with an agency, you’ll have the chance to choose your own surrogate. The agency comprises all surrogates, giving you the option to choose your surrogate, based on age, health or even looks. If you choose traditional surrogacy, you will share genetic material with your baby. When you finally narrow down your choices, you’ll then be able to schedule interviews and choose the right match for you and your family.

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