Why You Should Wear Your Baby

wear your baby

A sling or baby carrier can be a mother’s lifesaver, especially if putting them down means they’ll cry. There are many great reasons why you should wear your baby:

1. Wearing a baby promotes physical development

When a baby is next to their mother, they’re in tune with her heartbeat, every breaths she takes, and the many movements that are made when walking, bending or even reaching. The stimulation a mother makes, helps to regulate physical responses, and exercises the vestibular system, which helps with balance. Wearing a sling is considered a “transitional womb” for the baby because it helps with learning new things they haven’t learned yet.

2. Babies Are Happier

There has been many studies conducted and experts have found that babies who are worn, cry way less than a baby that is not held during the day. When a baby cries, this is both exhausting for the child, not to mention their parents, and can cause damage to the developing brain. If a child tends to be colicky, wearing the baby will drastically reduce their crying, as they will be far happier when next to mom.

3. It’s Convenient

When mother’s carry their baby in a carrier or sling, they will be free to use both hands during their trip to the grocery store, or at home doing laundry. Carrying a baby seat into the store is inconvenient for most, not to mention heavy. If a mother has more than one child, a sling can be useful when breastfeeding in public or when she’s traveling alone.

4. Wearing Is Economical

Slings and carriers are far less expensive then buying a stroller. Many mothers want inexpensive items that are useful when they decide to buy. A sling serves as that item, and costing as little as $25-$100, makes it the perfect thing for most mothers to buy.

5. A Bonding Tool For All Family

Slings and carriers are a great way for fathers, grandparents and siblings to bond with a new baby. A baby gets used to the voice, heartbeat and movement of the person who their next to when carried. Fathers who wear their child will quickly be able to make up for lost bonding time. Siblings and grandparents can use this as a way to get close to the new baby, while also gaining some extra cuddles in the meantime.

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